Spec. Career, Marriage, Business, Love
Exp. 20 years
Lang. Hindi,English,Tamil

About me

I am an engineer with BE, ME and MBA degrees. Wonder why am I into Astrology? My father was an astrologer and I was more interested towards occult sciences since childhood. Learnt Numerology, Palmistry, Astrology at my young age.

Learnt Baskara Astrology (KB System) from the inventor & founder of KB System, Shri.K.Baskaran.

I have been successful in guiding and precise predictions to my clients. Cuspal interlink theory is the most advanced method in astrology field. I am grateful to have this learnt from the inventor and thankful to Almighty for keeping me successful all the way.

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    Astrology Prediction is not 100% Accurate always and PayU will not be liable for any contradiction in future.