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The terms and conditions for using the services and predictions on our website TryAstrology.com are as follows.

You need to accept the terms and conditions of our website as stated below.
Acceptance Of Our Conditions:
Kindly go through the terms of service if you want to use TryAstrology for Astrology consultations, reports, online Pooja etc. We reserve the right to add to or change/modify the terms of this Agreement.TryAstrology can make changes in these terms anytime. We will post the changes in our terms and the new terms will be effective immediately. When you agree to our terms, the use of tryastrology.com will be taken as your acceptance of the amendments in the terms automatically. Only a written and signed document will be valid for making changes made in this agreement. The user and TryAstrology have to sign a written agreement for making amendments in the agreements otherwise no changes shall be made.

  • Tryastrology.com offers Astrology consultations on Phone, reports, ask a question thru mail, astrological articles, advice, and content on the internet and electronic mail. Our website has free services for which we don’t charge anything while the paid services require the users to pay a fee for getting consultation and advice. We have a personalized zone in which we offer special reports and advice to the users. Our services include both free and paid astrological advice, reports, and services. Users who want to use the paid services need to agree to the following terms of use.
    (1) You need to submit full and correct information in TryAstrology whenever you are asked for the same.
    (2) The information you enter about yourself and your birth details should be correct and you should update it if you want to make any changes in it. Some of the services in Tryastrology.com are offered by a third party that should not be considered supported by us.
  • Our services are bound by the laws and the users who become the members of our website need to agree to a legal contract between them and us. Tryastrology.com doesn’t allow minors, children, and individuals who are less than 18 years of age to use our services. We also don’t allow our services to be used by people whose accounts are suspended for some time or permanently. Our services are also not meant for users
     (1) of jurisdictions that have prohibited our services or 
    (2) nations and places that do not permit making trade relations according to law. Use our website and Astro content only if you qualify for using our services.
  • It is fully your responsibility to keep the email address and password a secret and keep it confidential. The use of your account is completely your own responsibility even if you are not the actual user and someone else uses your account without your knowledge. You can change the password as per the procedure followed by TryAstrology. Users have to agree to our condition that they will not transfer and pass on their account and the login information to anyone. If someone uses your account in an unauthorized manner, you need to convey the same to Tryastrology.com. You need to do this also if you notice some security problem in your account.
  • You need to give permission to employees of TryAstrology.com for an access to your account for delivering you our services. We need to use your account to deal with complaints, abuse of the account, and allegations.
  • TryAstrology.com has the authority to make changes and stop the services fully or partially by notifying you or without notifying you. We are not liable to you or anyone else for this. We can end your account immediately when (a) The registration or other information is not authenticated by us (b) You engage in unlawful activities (c) When you enter false registration data and any other type of information (d) When you can interference or problems to other users and truthstar (e) When you do something against our terms of service and violate the privacy policy